Can I eat normally?

Yes, you should be able to eat normally. However, for your orthodontic treatment to work well and in the shortest possible time, it is important you take care of your teeth and brace. In order to prevent damage to both, you should:

  1. -Avoid eating sticky foods, such as toffees, chewing gum, etc.

  2. -Avoid drinking fizzy drinks and excessive amounts of fruit juice.

  3. -Take care eating hard foods, which might damage the brace such as crunchy apples, crusty bread, etc. Cut them up first.

What about toothbrushing?

It is important you brush your teeth well, three times per day and use a fluoride toothpaste. If possible, carry a brush with you for use after lunch. Pay particular attention where the gums meet the teeth. Brushing may take a little longer when you have fixed brace. A daily fluoride mouthrinse should also be used last thing at night, after toothbrushing, to further protect the teeth. Failure to keep your teeth and brace clean will lead to permanent scarring of your teeth. Floss and disclosing tablets may be used. Follow the instruction of the video above.

How do I clean my removable braces?

Every time you brush your teeth, you take it out and brush it with toothbrush and toothpaste. Rinse with lukewarm water (OR “ AVOID HOT WATER?)

How do I wear my elastics?

If you are given elastics, it is most important that they are worn full-time (unless otherwise instructed). The elastics should be renewed daily and replaced immediately, if they break. For this reason, keep a packet with you all the time. Remove elastics for eating. Expect the elastics to cause some discomfort for the first few days. Remember that it depends on you wearing the elastics to make treatment successful and quicker.

Do I still need to see my regular dentist?

Yes, it will be important you still have check-ups with your regular dentist throughout orthodontic treatment so that your teeth and gums can be checked.

What do I do if I play contact sports?

It is recommended you wear a gumshield. This will also be the case if you enjoy riding a bicycle, roller skating, or skateboarding. You will be advised about this.

What if I play a musical instrument?

If you play a wind instrument, particularly the flute or a brass instrument, then a fixed brace may make it more difficult. You will need to discuss this with your music teacher.

What if I have any problems?

Broken removable appliances loose bands or braces and broken wires do occur from time to time and should be reported immediately. Soft wax should be placed on the area as a temporary measure. Close attention to diet etc. will reduce the risk of this happening.


I already have braces