How many times have you put your hand up to your mouth to cover your smile?  Few of us have naturally perfect teeth, but with the help of orthodontic treatment, whether through cosmetic braces such as the revolutionary low friction damon braces or the transparent ceramic braces, you can smile with confidence.

Orthodontics is not only about well- aligned teeth but better facial aesthetics and better function. A treatment plan should take into consideration the whole of the patients’ face, their profile, bone tissue and lip and muscular structure.

Orthodontics deal with a whole range of different conditions such as tooth crowding, protruding teeth, cross bites etc.

A bite problem is when your teeth or your jaw (or sometimes both) are in the wrong position so your teeth do not line up evenly. To correct this we use various tooth braces, either fixed or removable, which apply gentle forces to the teeth to guide them to a new position and enhance facial harmony.