Instructions for patients wearing orthodontic retainers

Once you finish orthodontic treatment, you’ll be given a retainer, which you’ll have to wear in order to keep the result stable. For few months, depending on the case, you must wear your retainer full-time- that is day and night. However, it should be removed for eating, drinking, any sport and cleaning.

Then you can wear the retainer every night whilst sleeping (it may feel tight for a few minutes for the first few nights but this will gradually reduce as your teeth become more stable.

Wearing your retainer once or twice a week whilst sleeping is advisable on a long-term basis to prevent any unwanted movement.

Clean your retainer daily with a toothbrush and soap (toothpaste is too abrasive and will make the surface dull).

Retainers are sensitive to heat- do not expose to hot water or direct sunlight.

When not in the mouth, the retainer should be kept wet or moist- if it is allowed to dry out regularly, it will start to crack or split. Keep your retainer in its case.

If your teeth have moved because you haven’t worn your retainer, the best way is to wear it full-time, day and night for 1 to 2 weeks, which will move your teeth back to their correct position. Then return to regular night-time wear.

If you break or lose your retainer, contact the clinic immediately.


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